Danielle Hampton

Professional Makeup Artist

A makeup artist since 2006. Hairstylist since 2010. Mum since 2013.

About Me

I completed my diploma of makeup artistry at Sydney in 2006. I then worked at a makeup bar in Parramatta and Newcastle until 2008. While working as a freelance makeup artist on the side to further develop my skills and build my portfolio.

Professionally, I have continued to develop my skills through further education, training and many hours of work experience. I have had my work published internationally, nationally, and locally. And, had the amazing privilege of working with 100’s of beautiful brides for their special day.

Personally, we became parents in 2013 and I am now the mum of the 3 very unique, beautiful, sassy, energetic, talented, strong-willed, independent girls. Life had never been so rewarding, amazing, or full.

When you come to my home studio for a trial consultation, you are definitely going to know that they are there and while I try to remain professional and separate work and family as much as possible, it doesn’t always work. There will always be a carer with the girls while I am working so that we can focus on your plans but we will more than likely still hear them enjoying their childhood and learning new things.

And, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I look forward to seeing what the next 12 years will bring us.


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